NIS'11 (27 June - 1 July 2011, Crete, Greece)
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NIS'10  (13-17 Sep 2010)

NIS'09  (14-18 Sep 2009)

NIS'08  (15-19 Sep 2008)

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The notion of Risk is fundamental in Information Security. A number of factors influence Information Security Risks. By taking into account dynamics, dependencies and complexity inherent to Information Technology we speak about Changing Risk Landscape. Besides technology, other factors that can lead to changes in the risk landscape are global developments, political decisions, market trends and social phenomena, both in public sector and private businesses. It becomes clear, that the risk "ecosystem" is a very complex one and embraces large number of viewpoints, dependencies and actors. By putting the Changing Risk Landscape in the focus of this year’s event, we aim at emphasising the dynamic nature of Information Security Risks and promote exchange of ideas towards global preparedness, participation and coordination of all related issues. Furthermore, we aim at attracting all those stakeholders who have a significant role to play in understanding the factors affecting changes in the risk landscape.

Following the success of NIS'08, NIS'09 and NIS’10, the 4th Summer School on Network and Information Security (NIS'11) will cover topics that address legal, technical and policy issues in this emerging world. ENISA and FORTH have taken the initiative to create this Summer School following the recognition of the importance of NIS and the need for transferring knowledge, raising awareness and engaging stakeholders. The Summer School aims to provide a forum for experts in Information Security, policy makers from EU Member States and EU Institutions, decision makers from the industry, as well as members of the research and academic community, for interacting on cutting edge and interesting topics in NIS.